— I Shoot Myself.
— I do not think about anything in particular while shooting, that’s the point. I’m not thinking how I look like or where my arms are. It’s like a cat sitting and looking at the wall. I’m out from myself when I’m sitting like this. The most important thing is that there’s no one behind the camera, I don’t need to pose or be "relaxed" or represent something that I am not. I look inside this black hole and see the emptiness and this emptiness is what I like. It’s not an eye of someone behind it, it’s nothing there, it’s me there. I’m on this side and on the other side and this what self-portrait is about. I’m looking at myself from within myself.

(Moscow, Russia, October 29, 2009)
photo: Nastia Sevastianova, curator: Dmitry Jakovlev
2009—2015 © KunstGroup